Our coaches work harder so you work smarter.

We want our members to get the most out of their time at Crossfit Altrincham and that's why our coaches are trained to lead classes at the highest standard. We not only look for the coaches that are going to have a quality approach to leading classes but coaches who are also willing to be part of our community. In fact, the way we do things around here has led to a number of members deciding to pursue a career in CrossFit coaching and we offer internships at our box for the right trainee coaches. 


Your coaches

Nikki Harrison - Head Coach & Owner


Nikki set up CrossFit Altrincham with Cal in 2015 because he wanted the people of Altrincham to get the same joy from Crossfit as he has. As well as being Head Coach he creates the class programming and takes pride in in providing WODs that are both challenging and rewarding. He’s proud to have a box with such a friendly and loyal community after all of these years and he gets a buzz out of seeing the continued progress of members.

Cal Stewart - Coach & Owner


When Cal set up  CrossFit Altrincham  with Nikki their key focus was the quality of coaching and Cal wanted to coach people to have a similar mindset and enjoyment of training to the  CrossFit Altrincham team. His sports therapy background helps members to execute movements in a way that increases mobility and minimises injury. Cal is driven by ensuring that the team gets the basics right whether it’s movement, training or creating a friendly and supportive place for people to improve their strength and fitness.

Matt Farina - Coach & Owner


  Matt wanted help people improve their lives and fitness so he left his job designing toys to become a partner and coach at Crossfit Altrincham. His skillset is broad but he likes to specialise in gymnastics and conditioning because he believes that you don’t have to be superflexible or superfit to benefit from these classes. Matt loves seeing the friendly community grow and thrive off the back of top notch programming and coaching.

Ryan Davies - Coach

Ryan Davies CrossFit Altrincham Coach

  Ryan is driven by his ability to help members live longer and healthier lives. His passion for improving fitness and health has always been there but it was Crossfit and particularly joining Crossfit Altrincham that helped him realise his dream of becoming a coach. Since joining CFA Ryan has become a CrossFit Weightlifting coach which to him is not just about lifting heavy but teaching members to lift correctly.

Ant Brothwood - Coach


  Ant’s physiotherapy background and understanding of anatomy helps him to educate members on their body and its response to exercise. He loves not only being able to help members understand their body but enabling them to use that knowledge to develop themselves physically. His passion for fitness has always been there and he finds that his insight of physiology sits neatly beside the multi-discipline approach of CrossFit.

Katie Street - Coach


  As a member Katie was always first to help her fellow members with advice she'd researched on CrossFit technique and since joining  CrossFit Altrincham  she has grown to love CrossFit as a sport, and a lifestyle. CrossFit is such a big part of her life that it made perfect sense for her to take up coaching and becoming a coach has given her the springboard to get her Level 1 qualification in British Weightlifting – the discipline she’s most passionate about.

Luke Breedon - Trainee Coach


  Luke’s strengths lie in understanding the abilities of members and helping them grasp the movements in a way that suits them. He's inspired by the way that CrossFit helps people to reclaim their bodies and decided to become a coach so he help others get the same benefit from CrossFit that he has. He believes in the power of CrossFit to help people both physically and mentally - something he feels is most important.